Hop On! | Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions


So you’ve got some questions…that’s to be expected!  Check below..maybe we’ve already answered them! If not, email us at info@hopon.tours.

  • What breweries will we visit?
    Hop On! visits breweries that participate with the Central Florida Ale Trail.  That list currently includes: The Bear & Peacock Brewery, Bowigens Beer Company, Broken Cauldron Brewery & Taproom, Central 28 Beer Company, Dead Lizard Brewing, Hourglass Brewing, Red Cypress Brewery, Ten10 Brewing, Orlando Brewing and Wops Hops Brewing Company.  However, our future plans for expansion will include all of the participating breweries. Please see the details of your particular tour for the list of breweries we will visit on that particular day.
  • Where’s the pick up location?
    Pick up and drop off location is at Broken Cauldron Brewery and Taproom, unless otherwise noted.  Broken Cauldron is located at 1012 West Church Street in downtown Orlando.  For the Orlando City Ticket and Pregame Package, the pickup and drop-off will be Dead Lizard Brewing, located at 4507 36th St, near the Holy Land Experience.
  • Do I get to choose which breweries my group can go to?
    If you “buy the bus” or book a private tour, you are welcome to help choose which breweries we visit.  However, due to geography and time limitations, some breweries may not be possible to group together into one tour.
  • How long will the tour last?
    Crowler and Growler Tours last approximately 4 hours.  The What Ales Ya Signature Tour lasts approximately 6 hours. 
  • Will there be food on the bus?
    We will have water and some light snacks on the bus.  However, several of our brewery partners have fabulous food options available for purchase as well as food trucks that frequent some locations. 
  • Do I have to be 21 to ride the bus?
    Yes. Sí. Oui. Da. Ja. Un huh. Yeppers. Sure do.
  • Can I rent the bus privately?
    Absolutely!  Please call 407-434-1671 for more details.  
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Things Happen…we understand and you may need to cancel.  Bookings must be cancelled by emailing info@hopon.tours or calling 407-434-1671.  
    If cancelling 48 hours in advance of your tour, you can receive a full refund.  
    If cancelling 24-48 hours in advance of your tour, you will receive a non-transferable credit for a future tour, good for 1 year.  No-shows and cancellations without 24 hours notice will not receive a refund or credit.
  • Will my tour ever be cancelled?
    Your tour MAY be cancelled in the event of highly inclement weather, act of god, premature ice age, zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, spontaneous combustion or other gnarly and completely un-foreseen circumstance.  And due to operating costs involved in running the bus, we also may have to reschedule your tour if fewer than four people are registered.  In the unlikely event that your tour IS cancelled, we will be happy to re-book your tour for another available date or if no other times will work for your party, we will refund your full ticket price.
  • How do we get home?
    Oh how we wish we could teleport!  However, since Elon hasn’t given us that technology quite yet and considering you’re at least 21 years old, we DO expect you to be responsible enough to arrange for a safe ride home. Deez Hops, LLC does not assume responsibility for any individuals who choose to drive under the influence or make unsafe transportation decisions of any kind. Hop On! will happily provide you with a Lyft code and are of the opinion that the best option is to get a ride to AND from your tour…just to be on the safe side.
  • What is your tipping policy?
    Tipping your tour guide and/or driver is always appreciated!  And tipping your bartenders is HIGHLY encouraged!  We want Hop On! to be a fantastic experience for EVERYONE involved, and remember…even though your tour may include some beers with the price of admission, your bartenders are working hard to provide you with those beers…and with a great experience, too! So why not show them the same appreciation you would any other time you visit!?!  That being said, for “Buy the Bus” and private tours, a $2 per person tip for each location visited will be collected at the time of booking.  For all other tours, you may pre-pay gratuity by having your tour guide or driver charge the card we have on file for you.